Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Amelia's Quilt

My eldest daughter recently celebrated her 4th birthday. We had a lovely party for her and she had the best day. Her favourite present was a quilt made especially for her by her Mardie (my wonderful mother in law). The quilt was named "Morning Star" by her Pa because she was born in the morning and she's one of their little stars. Isn't it divine? I love Mardies Quilts. You can truly feel the warmth of love in every stitch. She's a very clever lady and quilting is her true passion (she even has her own machine...It's huge!) We are truly blessed.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What makes me happy: My bedroom

Since moving from our tiny shack in the Hawkesbury, I'm finally enjoying having a bedroom that is purely to sleep in! My bedroom is no longer a laundry folding room, a workspace and an office all in one and i can't begin to tell you how happy this makes me feel! Every morning i feel rested and ready to embark on a new day. The painting in my room is by Kay Singleton Keller. It was given to me as a gift and i love it so much. I also love my little Babushka doll that was made by the lovely Belinda at Tuttifruiti. She makes the most beautiful things and will also be at the show.

Peace to me x

Sunday, August 2, 2009


....For the Stitches And Craft Show. I've had a hard time trying to focus on what needs to be done. I'm also very unsure of myself. I find the best way to cope with these matters is to just work at a comfortable pace and what gets done gets done. I'm working on new pieces of jewellery, single "tweets' on a perch (and my tweety twigs) , Nursing Necklaces and I may bring along some of my paintings. I'm not sure yet. The tweets have been rather time consuming. I need to change the legs on a few of them. The first one i made (in the photo) has wire legs that have been wrapped in ribbon. They're a little too chunky me thinks.......more like dinosaur claws! I think i'll just stick to plain wire.

I'm also working on new ways to display my earrings. Since moving i have discovered that my local Vinnies and Anglicare store are a treasure trove of vintage goods (books especially). The local tip is amazing too, I bought an entire 10 volume set of "The Children's Encyclopedia" for $2. Love it!
Anyhow, i've collected some hard back books that i am carving into as little displays to hang my jewellery in. I'm a bit messy at it (nowhere near as talented as Su Blackwell) but I'm finding it lots of fun. I'm very selective about which books i use, i find that i can't cut into certain books. I don't know why. I'm using old stamps, alarm clocks, maps, fruit stickers and other weird and wonderful things that i can salvage for the backgrounds.

You can see details of the show here 

P.S apologies again for the quality of the photos, no camera yet :)

See you there! xxx