Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My beautiful little girl is having nightmares. She 's asking me questions about "baddies" and I'm struggling to answer them. For example, yesterday on our way to Ballet we passed a policeman who had pulled somebody over. Haidee thought this was cool and proceeded to tell us about the police force and all the things they do (it was very cute). Amelia started to get upset and said that she didn't want to hear anymore because it makes her worry that she's going to be a bad person. The convo went a little like this....

"Are people born bad Mummy?"

"No baby, people aren't born bad, sometimes they just make bad choices, mistakes that can get them in trouble"

"Are the police bad?" 

"No, the police are there to help people bub"

"But I see them driving really fast and that's not allowed."

"Yes they do drive fast sometimes but usually it's because they're in a big rush to help someone. They use their sirens to let everybody know that they're coming so we can all be safe"

"I dreamt that the baddies caught you mummy and the police didn't help you at all. That's bad"

Wowsers! How do I reply to that? I was completely unprepared for this yesterday afternoon. My girl is a deep thinker and her thoughts can lead to dark places. It's horrible for her. She's been creeping into my bed the last few nights because she's afraid that I'm going to be nabbed!
I told her that I'm not going anywhere and left it at that. For now anyways. She went into her ballet class and came out beaming. I was relieved.
I still struggle with my childhood fear. I was/am deathly afraid of Mannequins. It all started with the clip below From Dr Who.
*WARNING* Seriously freaky footage!

I still don't like them. As a child I kept it to myself. I remember when Mum brought home two of them to use at her school. She named them Napoleon and Josephine and kept them in our dining room for a week. They were particularly creepy, circa 1974. It was awful!
She didn't know about my fear because I never had the confidence as a child to tell her. I thought she'd think I was "odd". It's seems so silly now because my mother would have been wonderful about it. Had I of let her know I'm sure she would have said the perfect thing to make it all better. I wish I did, because now I'm finding it difficult to soothe my little girls fears.
She had a good night last night and is currently sitting with her sister eating their muesli. Her best friend at school has a father who is a policeman. I'm thinking I might ask him to talk to her out of uniform. We'll see.
What about you? Have you had similar issues with your children? Or perhaps you have a childhood fear? Any advice would be most appreciated.


Alisa x

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Sirens Song

A new painting I'm working on.....

I've been immersing myself in my work this week, I have so much more to do on this painting but have been enjoying the process. I'll be sure to post some pictures of the finished piece soon. 
Haidee is a little more demanding of my time as she's still adjusting to having her playmate gone. I've been playing Barbies and Star Wars. It's been lovely however she gets to be Leia "in the special undies" and I'm always Jabba the Hut. Hmmmm, maybe my darling boo-ey is trying to tell me something? He he!

I also want to take a moment to welcome all my new followers. It's wonderful to see some new faces. I feel super chuffed to "meet" you all!  Thankyou for taking the time to read my little  blog :)

Have a lovely evening all!

Alisa x

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New jewels

You may recognize this piece from my header. Truth be told it was a brooch but I feel it works better as a necklace. This one will be very hard to let go!

I didn't manage to get much done this week. Wasn't it hot! Now the weather has cooled down I'm keen to get stuck into my work. I have so many ideas and can't wait to share them with you all!

Alisa x

Starting a new collection : Milk Glass

 I have a new passion of late...Milk Glass. It all started with these little cups that I bought from John across the road (the man who opens up his garage on weekends) He has quite a few pieces but I'm pacing myself :)

Hopefully one day I'll have a collection like this.....
Image via High street market
Isn't it beautiful?

On a separate note I must apologize for my lack of posts this week. I've been focusing on a new routine  and just needed time to "settle in". I have a wonderful story to share with you about another purchase from John but will leave it for another day. Thankyou all so much for your lovely messages regarding our little Amelia. She's really enjoying going to school and has taken to it so well. The highlight for her is the monkey bars! Bless x

Alisa x