Saturday, June 16, 2012

Can you guess what this is done on?

I've been getting some new works together for an exhibition in July. My latest group of collages have been created using the coolest material yet. Below is the first of a series I've been working on. Can you guess what it's painted on? Here's a hint: N for "Nellie"

Yeppers, I've used some game cards from this "Wheel of Fortune" board game that I picked up from Vinnies last week. I'm loving them!

 It's wet here today, and I stupidly hung out laundry yesterday afternoon and left it on the line. So, for another weekend, my house is littered with clothes hanging from everywhere and fireplaces roaring. Another lazy weekend at home :)

Enjoy your weekend folks.

Alisa x

Thursday, June 7, 2012


This was painted last weekend when it was miserably wet and soddy outside. I was drawn to the view out my back windows and how barren everything looked outside. I started to reflect on my own feelings of emptiness that I'm currently grappling with. It's quite busy I know but that's where my head space is at the moment. It's created from vintage book pages, tea bags, acrylic paint, pencil and is looking lovely over my bedside table :)

Alisa x 

Monday, June 4, 2012

The follicle painting (as so named by my father)

This was one of those paintings that took forever for me to be happy with. Originally it was started as an experimental canvas but over time became something to conquer. There is loads of layering in this piece and ALOT of pencil work that doesn't translate well in the photograph. I was well pleased with myself after it was completed. Just a few weeks ago,  I proudly showed my parents the end result only to have my father point out that it looked like a hair follicle under a layer of epidermas LOL (gawd I love that man). So from then on it has been known as "The Follicle Painting". And I likes it alot :)

Alisa x