Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm off to join the Circus

Yep, I quit.

I've transformed into a bearded lady and have decided to join the Circus. Haidee was most helpful with her ingenious use of an elastic band to tie a beard for me, and her artistic skills with an eyeliner pencil to create the hairy look I was after. I especially like my hairy chest (eat your heart out Robin Williams).

Fare-thee-well my lovely followers. I must change into my leopard print unitard, strap on my skates and practice juggling tea cups.

Because that's how I roll. Literally.

Alisa x

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I just realised that I hadn't posted a picture of the painting I was working on before the exhibition.
 I've called it "Carnivale". I think I had licorice all sorts on the mind whilst painting this gem. It's a whopper and is now hanging in the shop....looking fab.

Things are coming along in the shop. I'm thinking of having a wee party for the re-opening. Nothing big, just a few friends and some champagne. I might even splash out and get some chilli philli :)

Have a lovely evening folks. It's pouring rain at the moment, Wanda Jackson is blaring and dinner is bubbling away. I'm loving it all.

Alisa x

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tidying up

I'm TRYING to get my shiz together and tidy up the shop in lieu of re-opening in October. It's been hard to find the time to just get in there and clean but I'm slowly making tracks. 

I've also been busy working on a window display at "Forget Me Not" for the Mudgee Wine Festival. The winery that we're working with is Robert Stein Wines. I've created a sea of red wine out of recycled papers and cellophane, and bottles floating with rolled up sheets of vintage music pages. I also made this fellow to hang in the window. He's lovely. I've named him Bert.

Isn't he handsome? I'm looking forward to hanging him in my back room when the festival is over.

So I guess today will be spent getting things sorting, tidying up, maybe some creating?

Whatever your plans are, I hope you all have a lovely day. Spring is finally here and I'm loving it!

Take care, 

Alisa x