Monday, November 21, 2011

My weekend :: Rylstone Street Feast 2011

The annual Rylstone Street Feast was held on Saturday. I had a little stall there and spent the day soaking up the atmosphere. It was quite hot but thankfully my position had a cool breeze flowing through it.  Below are some pics from the day....

I also had the pleasure of being beside this fellow.....

His name is Brett Nutting (pictured in the top photo with the red shirt) and he is one talented man. He creates the most beautiful furniture from recycled timber under the name AdHoc Furniture. He's also rather funny and had me in giggle mode for most of the day. It's wonderful to have a great neighbour at markets, it helps the day progress that little bit faster.

Brett's showroom is in Kandos, NSW. He also has a website that you can see here. Amazing stuff !

All in all, it was a lovely weekend. Although I am pleased that the frantic pace of last week is over. For now anyway. Christmas is looming and I ain't ready, not one bit. 

I hope you all have a lovely Monday.

Alisa x

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Church St Gallery Exhibition

I'm taking part in a group exhibition at Church St Gallery and I'm rather chuffed about it all. It's really exciting to be exhibiting in such a cool place. If you are in Mudgee town then please pop in. The opening is tomorrow night. I'm excited to meet some more artists from the region, indulge in some arty-farty conversations whilst sipping on local wine. It should be a great night! Details are below....

Alisa x

On a Dolly high

Well I'm back and I'm on a high after seeing my lady perform in Sydney. She is everything I ever dreamt she'd be. It was an intimate concert with everyone sitting most of the time, listening to Dolly talk about the stories behind her songs, her memories and her loved ones. It was so special. Below is a clip from her show in Manchester earlier in the year. Dolly was wearing a yellow dress for the Sydney show but her performance was just as impeccable as this.

One thing that marred my trip was an embarrassing parking incident in my old haunt of Balmain. I was meeting a friend and decided to park outside a cafe. Lots of people were there, watching me negotiate the Subaru alongside a curved gutter. 
Now those that know me are well aware that I am a little top heavy (we're not talking Dolly size thankfully). They often get in the way and this time was no different. I hit the gutter with a jolt which thrust me forward, making my chest hit the horn. I turned and looked at the small crowd who were all staring and noticed that John Waters was one of them. Lordy I was embarrassed. I got out of the car and sheepishly explained that "I'm from Mudgee way" which they accepted. Little did they know, I'm just a shitty parker. Well, when it comes to curved gutters anyway :)

So to those who were at this cafe yesterday morning, my apologies for disrupting your peace and quiet. I'm such a goose.

I'm sure to have a "better day" today when I drive to Mudgee. It's all angle parking there! 

Alisa x

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mon Alisa Design Shop is OPEN!!!

Wow, what a weekend! The shop is finally open! I had a fantastic opening day with lots of customers stopping by. It was lovely getting to know people who were either from the region or just visiting. My beautiful parents came up to help me with the girls, gardens and everything else. Big ups to my mother who cleaned up my studio....a HUGE job! I'm so lucky to have such great support.

This post is rather rushed I know.  I'm trying to get everything ready while I'm away at this........

Uh huh, that's right..... I'm seeing my lady tonight. I'm so excited! I'm packing like a banshee!! 

Enjoy your day,

Alisa x

Friday, November 11, 2011

Green window

Alisa x

Recent paintings

I've been a little busy bee. 

Enjoy the weekend folks, I'm a little stressed as I'm opening the shop on Sunday. There's still so much to do! EeeeeeK!

Alisa x

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Busted Custard

Sunday morning. Haidee is coming out of my bedroom with a twinkle in her eye, camera in hand.

"Give me that please missy.... What have you been doing in there?"

"Nuffink mumma" 

'Have you been up on my dresser?"


"Alright then, hop into the kitchen for your snackie, and no more touching the camera...k?"

"o.k mumma"

Fast forward to this morning. I'm loading photos onto the computer and look what I find......

Cheeky rascal. But what else should I expect from a child who does this to me.......

Seriously. This is how I look as I write this post. Cotton buds in my ears and goggles to help me see the screen. 

One hot mumma!

Take care all,

Alisa x

Monday, November 7, 2011

Country Graffiti

That's about as wild as they get out here folks. It did give me a giggle though.

Alisa x 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meet Scott and Charlene...


H's latest purchase so he doesn't have to mow the grass as often.

They are a bit cute. The white one is a girl and the brown/white a boy. There were so many names I could come up with (the obvious one being Kenny and Dolly) but in the end I chose Scott and Charlene. 

I think it has something to do with the curly hair, and the wedding dress....

                                              Top 10 TV weddings

Not much of a difference really, except that the sheep would have eaten the bouquet.

Have a good day folks!

Alisa x

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Church St Gallery ::: James Kearns

Last week I visited Mudgee town for one reason only. To check out Church St Gallery which has been opened by the very talented James Kearns (or Kearnsy). I remember first reading about him over at Mandy's blog 16 house. I had no idea at the time that he was living out my way.  He was featured in the local paper recently promoting his new gallery and I just had to rush in and have a look......I was blown away. Below are some photographs of some of his work, however my camera doesn't do them justice. They are all so rich in texture, beautifully haunting in the layering of paint, lace, papers, silhouette and colour. 

This man can truly rock a painting.

Lovely aren't they? It's exciting to have a contemporary art space so close. Haidee and I had a great time meeting James and chatting away. A top bloke. 

You can see more of Kearnsy's paintings on his website here. He also has a blog

Church St Gallery is situated at 98 Church Street Mudgee NSW. It's a great space :) 

Definitely worth a look see.

Alisa x