Monday, April 30, 2012

A country life with no technology

The last photo loaded on my computer before it crashed. Geppetto snuggling  on the spare bed.

Well, I'm back after 3 weeks with no computer and I must say, it wasn't that bad. 

When we lived in Sydney I found myself relying so much on my computer and mobile phone to feel connected to friends and family. I had been diagnosed with Post Natal Depression after Haidee was born  and was promptly put on medication and sent on my way. I became a bit of a shlump-a-dink, walking around comatose as I averaged 2 hours sleep a night for an entire year. I used facebook to boost my self esteem, gaining "friends" and waiting for responses to things that I would post.  I would use my phone to call or text friends and family for no real reason at all. In hindsight i believe I did it because I hated being alone. I remember that aching feeling of loss if i accidently left my phone at home, and the frustration at not being able to hop on facebook because my husband was checking his emails. I was becoming an addict to technology whilst little by little losing my own sense of self.

Then we moved to the country.

It's been 3 years since our big move. 3 years since I ditched the mobile (there was no coverage out here at the time) and 2 years since deleting my personal profile on facebook (I've only just started my own page). It took a while adjusting to it all and forced me to search for new ways of feeling connected. I found a new appreciation for the little things and for the beautiful landscape that now surrounds me. I started painting again, using colours that I haven't used on my work for years. I got happy and rather rashly, took myself off my medication (something I DO NOT recommend without a proper doctors advice, I didn't have that luxury at the time). I started dolly-ing up again, searching local op-shops for cool threads - something I always used to do but somehow lost along the way. I found Alisa again.

So when our computer died 3 weeks ago, I wasn't too fussed. The whole thing has made me look back on how far I have come and I'm pretty damn proud of myself. The only time I had access to a computer was at my sisters house last week and even then I was only on for a wee bit, checking emails and looking at a couple of blogs.

Anywhoo, I'm back now and I'm keen to catch up on all of your latest news.  I've been making lots of new things however I can't show you them just yet as now my camera has died! LOL Oh dear, one has to laugh hey? ( I say this because before our computer carked it, our phone was out of commission too).

Nothing like a quiet country life :)

Have a lovely week ahead dear followers, thankyou for sticking around.

Alisa x

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April first.

Well, tonight is the first evening of April. I'm sitting in my kitchen with a glass of red listening to the various sounds of my household.....The Tigers vs Rabbitohs game on the T.V, my girls squealing with delight as they play with a huge box and dinner bubbling away on the stove. We've been super busy so it's nice to have a sunday evening just relaxing.

Today I want to show you a recent purchase of mine. It's a vintage school map and it is HUGE. My beautiful mother-in-law saw it at our local child flight store and was looking at keeping it herself, however she had nowhere to hang it as their house is dome shaped. So it was shown to me and i just love it. I know how much these are worth now and even after telling them how much they can sell for, they gave it to me at an extraordinarily low price. It is slightly damaged but I kind of like that. Here it is hanging in our hallway. I couldn't get all of it in frame as it is so long (over 2 metres). I'm keeping it here until we renovate our back room where it will take pride of place.

I've been sourcing quite a few tidbits for our impending renovations. I forgot how exciting it was to sift through junkyards and garage sales for bargains. Why just a few weeks ago i got 2 industrial lampshades for $5 bucks each! Love it!!

Well, our dinner is cooked and I'm up for an early night. My fingers are sore after an incident with my hot glue gun (it's been all about Easter Hat making today) So I'm off to put another potato on my burn and eat my pasta. I hope you all had a lovely weekend too :)

Alisa x