Monday, December 3, 2012


This past weekend I partook in an exhibition organized by a friend. She sent a copy of this song to artists in the region and asked that we create a work in conjunction with the piece. It was all very casual. Just a way to keep the creative juices flowing, however I must say... it was so rewarding. We each gave a speech about our work and our perceptions of the song were interestingly enough so different. 
At first I listened to the music, ignoring the lyrics, and I could feel the sense of flight. As a representation of this I knew that I wanted to incorporate imagery of feathers. Now most of you would know already that I'm one of those bird freaks (we all know about "Put a bird on it"...Yeah, that's me). I collect feathers when I go on my little walks. I love how they come to symbolize the remnants of a birds journey.  So I thought I'd use them in my work to show the journey that I have taken in the past few years. From the depths of depression, we made the big move to this little part of the world. I love where I am today and I really connected with the music we had to work with. God love one of the other artists though...... Her work was a vase with a sad face sculpted on the front, dark brown glaze dripping down the features. She then pinned a photo of herself in the early 80's. Cocktail dress, permed hair and a champers in hand underneath her vase. She said to me that her work was stating that the musical artist "was a miserable shit and that she should see the world through HER eyes", pointing at the picture of herself living it up! LOL Gosh I love the characters out here :)

Any who, here's my piece. I apologize for the photograph. You know I'm rubbish at taking pics! I've titled it "Plume" It's created by using water colour, pen, cotton thread and my cup of black tea :)

Best be off, I have a heap of sewing to do that I should have one on the weekend but it was too hot! Thankfully this evening is nice and cool.

Alisa x

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Loving....Katie Daisy

I finally have a Katie Daisy print! YAY!!

This girls work makes me so happy. Whenever I feel a little under the weather I like to sift through her colourful affirmations. It helps me to positively re-adjust my thinking. I've been lusting after one of her prints for yonks but couldn't decide which one to get. I'm happy with my choice....

"Live with Passion".

I intend to do just that :)

Alisa x

Monday, November 5, 2012

Can't believe it's November already

Well, what a roller coaster this past month has been! I've been busily organizing stalls for the annual Rylstone Streetfeast as well as re-opening the shop. I didn't end up having a stall at the Streetfeast on the weekend. It all became a bit too much. Instead, I went down in the morning to help everyone set-up, came home, opened my shop and made jewellery. And boy have I got some doozies! Here's a sneak peek of what I've been working on.....

I'm TRYING to get my shiz together for Christmas. I can't believe that it's November already. Ca-razy!!

I'll be adding these items to my little neglected Etsy store soon.

I hope you're all well and I'll be back soon with more goodies to share :)

Alisa x

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Work in progress: "Persephone"

I'm working on some new paintings for a local exhibition.  This is "Persephone". I still have a long way to go but need to focus on housework today (poo). It's funny how things slide when I get in the creative zone.  I wish it could just do itself (don't we all?). It doesn't help that my sewing room has been torn down to facilitate a temporary bathroom. Hubby got a little too sledge hammer happy whilst I was away at my sisters. Oh well, it had to be done.

I'd also like to remind you of my facebook page. I don't have a personal profile, so I can't navigate through facebook as others may. But I'd love for you to pop by and say "howdy do" if you have the time :) 

Have a great day my lovely followers. 

Alisa x

Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm off to join the Circus

Yep, I quit.

I've transformed into a bearded lady and have decided to join the Circus. Haidee was most helpful with her ingenious use of an elastic band to tie a beard for me, and her artistic skills with an eyeliner pencil to create the hairy look I was after. I especially like my hairy chest (eat your heart out Robin Williams).

Fare-thee-well my lovely followers. I must change into my leopard print unitard, strap on my skates and practice juggling tea cups.

Because that's how I roll. Literally.

Alisa x

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I just realised that I hadn't posted a picture of the painting I was working on before the exhibition.
 I've called it "Carnivale". I think I had licorice all sorts on the mind whilst painting this gem. It's a whopper and is now hanging in the shop....looking fab.

Things are coming along in the shop. I'm thinking of having a wee party for the re-opening. Nothing big, just a few friends and some champagne. I might even splash out and get some chilli philli :)

Have a lovely evening folks. It's pouring rain at the moment, Wanda Jackson is blaring and dinner is bubbling away. I'm loving it all.

Alisa x

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tidying up

I'm TRYING to get my shiz together and tidy up the shop in lieu of re-opening in October. It's been hard to find the time to just get in there and clean but I'm slowly making tracks. 

I've also been busy working on a window display at "Forget Me Not" for the Mudgee Wine Festival. The winery that we're working with is Robert Stein Wines. I've created a sea of red wine out of recycled papers and cellophane, and bottles floating with rolled up sheets of vintage music pages. I also made this fellow to hang in the window. He's lovely. I've named him Bert.

Isn't he handsome? I'm looking forward to hanging him in my back room when the festival is over.

So I guess today will be spent getting things sorting, tidying up, maybe some creating?

Whatever your plans are, I hope you all have a lovely day. Spring is finally here and I'm loving it!

Take care, 

Alisa x

Monday, August 27, 2012

Getting ready for Spring

Well the past few weeks have been a bit of a blur. The exhibition went really well. I sold quite a few things, among them The Follicle Painting *sigh*. All in all it was a fantastic experience and it has inspired me to get a wriggle on for Spring.
Over the past few months I've had to put my shop on hold as Hubby needed to amend our DA for a business he's starting up. I've had to wait until the amendment was approved and as such, had to close. The good news is that the approval has finally come through. The bad news is that in my hiatus, the shop is rather messy. I need to get stuck into it today and set up these little treats...... 

It's all about earrings!!!

I've also been sewing up some neckpieces out of old ties. I've seen quite a few of them on Etsy and thought I'd give them a go. They're super easy to make and are a nice alternative to a scarf. The ties only cost me 50 cents each from Vinnies and I stitched them up whilst watching movies. If however you're not wanting to make your own,  go have a peek at Alisa Neweys website "Ties and Whimsy". Apart from having a FANTASTIC name, her tie creations are amazeballs.

This one is waiting for embellishment however I wore it the other day with a brooch

My "cooey" pose. I'm calling out for Spring to hurry the bloody hell up! If the wattle and daffies are in bloom, it's supposed to come soon right?

I best be off now. The sun is shining and my sheets need a drying.

Enjoy your day!

Alisa x

Friday, August 17, 2012

Dear Booey

Yesterday you turned 5. I can't believe how fast those years have gone. You have grown to be an amazing little girl with a heart of gold. I love everything about you.  I love your generous spirit, the way you stir your sister, your stubbornness and your determination, your cuddles and your sweet gentle kisses. I love that you know how to delay bedtime by starting to play with mummies hair. I love how your new favourite movie is "Girls Just Want To Have Fun", and that you insist on wearing a leotard and stockings whilst watching it. You are amazing and I'm so very proud and blessed that God decided to make me your mumma. I hope you enjoy your party tomorrow, you've worked very hard this week helping mumma with all the decorations. It makes my heart sing, seeing you this excited :)

You rock my world.

Mumma loves you lady bug xxx

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fairview Artspace Exhibition

Hello everyone! I'm excited to announce that I'll be taking part in a joint exhibition with Michael Forster at Fairview Artspace in Mudgee. Opening night is next Wednesday the 25th of July. I'll be showcasing some new paintings and selected pieces of jewellery.

Sneak peek of one of my new paintings.

I have the house to myself today so I'm finishing off some things whilst watching "Funny Girl". Love a bit of Babs :)

I'm so chuffed to have this opportunity to exhibit in such a wonderful space. I'm also looking forward to meeting new people from around the area.It should be a great night.

Well, best be off. I hope you all have a lovely day!

Alisa x

Saturday, July 14, 2012

In the meantime.....

Hello everyone, 
Golly I've been a busy bee! These holidays have just flown by. I've been keeping myself occupied with many different things. Here's a snippet of the past few weeks.....

I spent a glorious weekend with my darling sister and some of our girlfriends in The Blue Mountains. We went to the Winter Magic Festival, drank lots of wine and just hung out. Pure bliss!
Selfies with Bec
I took time to make a cake for Mr Alex's  first birthday. I love doing this for my little friends, Especially this sweetie. He's so cute! Although I end up eating alot of lollies in the process. Those sour strips are awesome.

I'm TRYING to get some paintings finished for an upcoming exhibition. This one still needs alot of work .

I met my kindred friends first born baby. Darling Evelyn (Oh how I love her so!) Nothing like a newbie to warm the heart. And that baby breath *sigh*

I put together a teeny party for Amelia who celebrated her 7th birthday. We limited guests to a few class mates She's reached the age of  "girls only".  A few couldn't make it so it was quite small but so lovely. We had a dancing competition, played "Pin the beak on the birdie" , enjoyed jelly teacups and I showed them how to make paper snowflakes. I can't believe how fast 7 years have gone. She'll always be one of my babies though.

Add to that teaching classes in jewellery and wearable collage for the Wollemi Children's Creative Arts Workshop, making baby head bandeaus, creating new tweets for my latest stockist and a week spent in Bowral at this beautiful house with my husbands family. We arrived home yesterday so today will be spent unpacking, washing and cleaning. Geppetto is being a royal poop because we left him in a cattery for a week whereas Obi is exhausted after having his own holiday, running rampant with other doggie friends his size. Funny how different dogs and cats really are.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Alisa x


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Can you guess what this is done on?

I've been getting some new works together for an exhibition in July. My latest group of collages have been created using the coolest material yet. Below is the first of a series I've been working on. Can you guess what it's painted on? Here's a hint: N for "Nellie"

Yeppers, I've used some game cards from this "Wheel of Fortune" board game that I picked up from Vinnies last week. I'm loving them!

 It's wet here today, and I stupidly hung out laundry yesterday afternoon and left it on the line. So, for another weekend, my house is littered with clothes hanging from everywhere and fireplaces roaring. Another lazy weekend at home :)

Enjoy your weekend folks.

Alisa x

Thursday, June 7, 2012


This was painted last weekend when it was miserably wet and soddy outside. I was drawn to the view out my back windows and how barren everything looked outside. I started to reflect on my own feelings of emptiness that I'm currently grappling with. It's quite busy I know but that's where my head space is at the moment. It's created from vintage book pages, tea bags, acrylic paint, pencil and is looking lovely over my bedside table :)

Alisa x