Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Work in progress: "Persephone"

I'm working on some new paintings for a local exhibition.  This is "Persephone". I still have a long way to go but need to focus on housework today (poo). It's funny how things slide when I get in the creative zone.  I wish it could just do itself (don't we all?). It doesn't help that my sewing room has been torn down to facilitate a temporary bathroom. Hubby got a little too sledge hammer happy whilst I was away at my sisters. Oh well, it had to be done.

I'd also like to remind you of my facebook page. I don't have a personal profile, so I can't navigate through facebook as others may. But I'd love for you to pop by and say "howdy do" if you have the time :) 

Have a great day my lovely followers. 

Alisa x


Mama of 2 boys said...

It's beautiful Alisa, you are so talented... as I've said before. And I SO get you about the creative time... it would be so nice not to worry about housework and cooking, it's just so constant.
I'm going to head over to your page now... meant to do that a while ago! xo

Margaret said...

Hi Alisa, Thanks so much for your lovely comments on the recent birth of Oliver. Its so nice we can keep in touch, I always love to see what you are up to and I really love the painting you are currently working on too! Hope you are well.