Monday, December 3, 2012


This past weekend I partook in an exhibition organized by a friend. She sent a copy of this song to artists in the region and asked that we create a work in conjunction with the piece. It was all very casual. Just a way to keep the creative juices flowing, however I must say... it was so rewarding. We each gave a speech about our work and our perceptions of the song were interestingly enough so different. 
At first I listened to the music, ignoring the lyrics, and I could feel the sense of flight. As a representation of this I knew that I wanted to incorporate imagery of feathers. Now most of you would know already that I'm one of those bird freaks (we all know about "Put a bird on it"...Yeah, that's me). I collect feathers when I go on my little walks. I love how they come to symbolize the remnants of a birds journey.  So I thought I'd use them in my work to show the journey that I have taken in the past few years. From the depths of depression, we made the big move to this little part of the world. I love where I am today and I really connected with the music we had to work with. God love one of the other artists though...... Her work was a vase with a sad face sculpted on the front, dark brown glaze dripping down the features. She then pinned a photo of herself in the early 80's. Cocktail dress, permed hair and a champers in hand underneath her vase. She said to me that her work was stating that the musical artist "was a miserable shit and that she should see the world through HER eyes", pointing at the picture of herself living it up! LOL Gosh I love the characters out here :)

Any who, here's my piece. I apologize for the photograph. You know I'm rubbish at taking pics! I've titled it "Plume" It's created by using water colour, pen, cotton thread and my cup of black tea :)

Best be off, I have a heap of sewing to do that I should have one on the weekend but it was too hot! Thankfully this evening is nice and cool.

Alisa x


Margaret said...

Gorgeous! I love the story behind this piece, its beautiful Alisa.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh WOW Alisa, this is magnificent! LOVE the colours and the full of life energy it projects, just a beautiful work. Clever clever gal. And how funny is that lady!? Haha, geez I love creative people :) xoxo