Saturday, July 14, 2012

In the meantime.....

Hello everyone, 
Golly I've been a busy bee! These holidays have just flown by. I've been keeping myself occupied with many different things. Here's a snippet of the past few weeks.....

I spent a glorious weekend with my darling sister and some of our girlfriends in The Blue Mountains. We went to the Winter Magic Festival, drank lots of wine and just hung out. Pure bliss!
Selfies with Bec
I took time to make a cake for Mr Alex's  first birthday. I love doing this for my little friends, Especially this sweetie. He's so cute! Although I end up eating alot of lollies in the process. Those sour strips are awesome.

I'm TRYING to get some paintings finished for an upcoming exhibition. This one still needs alot of work .

I met my kindred friends first born baby. Darling Evelyn (Oh how I love her so!) Nothing like a newbie to warm the heart. And that baby breath *sigh*

I put together a teeny party for Amelia who celebrated her 7th birthday. We limited guests to a few class mates She's reached the age of  "girls only".  A few couldn't make it so it was quite small but so lovely. We had a dancing competition, played "Pin the beak on the birdie" , enjoyed jelly teacups and I showed them how to make paper snowflakes. I can't believe how fast 7 years have gone. She'll always be one of my babies though.

Add to that teaching classes in jewellery and wearable collage for the Wollemi Children's Creative Arts Workshop, making baby head bandeaus, creating new tweets for my latest stockist and a week spent in Bowral at this beautiful house with my husbands family. We arrived home yesterday so today will be spent unpacking, washing and cleaning. Geppetto is being a royal poop because we left him in a cattery for a week whereas Obi is exhausted after having his own holiday, running rampant with other doggie friends his size. Funny how different dogs and cats really are.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Alisa x



Katie said...

Lovely to read about your happenings Liss! Those girls are growing up way too quickly...and so beautiful! :-) xxx

Sarah B said...

Well, you have been busy!! I adore the look of childrens' birthday cakes - so much fun and colour.
The painting is coming up well. I look forward to seeing your finished pieces.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh I just love your photos Alisa, so much fun and happiness in that bundle. And that cake is AMAZING, love it!! You're a clever Mama.
Great to see what you've been up to lately xo

Jo Murray said...

The photos are gorgeous Alisa, and so's your painting. That house is awesome... you must've had the best time.