Thursday, November 17, 2011

On a Dolly high

Well I'm back and I'm on a high after seeing my lady perform in Sydney. She is everything I ever dreamt she'd be. It was an intimate concert with everyone sitting most of the time, listening to Dolly talk about the stories behind her songs, her memories and her loved ones. It was so special. Below is a clip from her show in Manchester earlier in the year. Dolly was wearing a yellow dress for the Sydney show but her performance was just as impeccable as this.

One thing that marred my trip was an embarrassing parking incident in my old haunt of Balmain. I was meeting a friend and decided to park outside a cafe. Lots of people were there, watching me negotiate the Subaru alongside a curved gutter. 
Now those that know me are well aware that I am a little top heavy (we're not talking Dolly size thankfully). They often get in the way and this time was no different. I hit the gutter with a jolt which thrust me forward, making my chest hit the horn. I turned and looked at the small crowd who were all staring and noticed that John Waters was one of them. Lordy I was embarrassed. I got out of the car and sheepishly explained that "I'm from Mudgee way" which they accepted. Little did they know, I'm just a shitty parker. Well, when it comes to curved gutters anyway :)

So to those who were at this cafe yesterday morning, my apologies for disrupting your peace and quiet. I'm such a goose.

I'm sure to have a "better day" today when I drive to Mudgee. It's all angle parking there! 

Alisa x

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Mama of 2 boys said...

Haha! You're a sweetheart Alisa :o) That is a funny, albeit slightly embarrassing story. And don't worry, there are times I accidentally hit the horn when parking too... and I don't even have nice big boobs as an excuse ;o)
Dolly sounded fabulous. I have a few friends who went and it seems she was a hit! xo