Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yes, I'm still around.

Hi there!  I've been neglecting my blogging and i wanted to say that I'm sorry. I've been extremely busy trying to build up some stock. It's been bedlam at our house lately. We've added a new member to or family, a dog named Obi so i've been a bit distracted. He's a lovely boy. He's very big though! He was a pound puppy and has settled in nicely. I'm still getting used to having a dog (I've always had cats) but I'm getting there!

I'm working on a new range of Nursing Necklaces that are GORGEOUS and mobiles. I've got Mathildas Markets coming up in March so I've got lots to do! I've also got an exhibition in April at The Royal Botanic Gardens, the theme being "The Bowerbird". I'm working on new jewellery pieces for that and they are coming along nicely.

I'll put some photos up ASAP.

 Now I'm off to fold laundry.

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Flor Larios Art said...

Good thing you are back!
Good luck with your new dog.