Monday, May 17, 2010

Susan Parmenter

I recently came across the beautiful work of American artist Sue Parmenter. All of her paintings are divine but I was drawn to this piece called "Empty Nest with Embroidery"

Empty Nest with Embroidery by Susan Parmenter

Isn't it beautiful? I love how she's combined the natural weaving talent of birds with the traditional craft of embroidery. Both are so delicate and beautiful and the painting itself is so soft and pretty. Susan says herself......

I am passionate about art and compelled to create.

Like breathing, I just have to do it.

Painting, drawing, making something beautiful, truly gives me joy.

If I can paint something that transcends beyond the subject and moves the viewer "to feel", then I am happy.

Well, it has certainly struck a chord with me. You can see more of her beautiful works here.
Her landscape paintings are breathtaking too.

I'm off now to start a day of sewing.

Have a lovely Monday!

Alisa x

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Amanda said...

What a gorgeous painting - it is so realistic.