Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New jewels

You may recognize this piece from my header. Truth be told it was a brooch but I feel it works better as a necklace. This one will be very hard to let go!

I didn't manage to get much done this week. Wasn't it hot! Now the weather has cooled down I'm keen to get stuck into my work. I have so many ideas and can't wait to share them with you all!

Alisa x


Sonia M said...

Wow! They look so beautiful. I would say you have been very busy!

Beach Vintage.com said...

Hi Alisa, yes it has been hot! Hopefully you can get some crafty work done next week.

ching said...

i really like the intricate details in it. very nice.

Jo Murray said...

G'day Alisa... hot here too, and humid. Your jewellery is beautifully complex, and feminine. Perhaps the two are inextricable, as in life.

The Clip Cafe said...

So pretty! I love your blog - popping by (number 80! yay) from Posies blog. Stop by if you can :-)

Paula (Eggshell Blue) said...

I love the necklace too - gorgeous. Alisa, your studio is burning up with creative energy which must be contributing to that heat?