Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Guest Post:: Tara Chiu NETS Calender

Today I'm handing over the reigns to my darling sister Tara, an amazing photographer who has volunteered her time to raise money and awareness for the service that saved the life of her little boy, my beautiful nephew Jarvis. Please take the time to read this.

My name is Tara Chiu and I am the sister of the lovely Alisa Burlington.
I have created The 2012 NETS Kids Calendar which is now available for sale. Following is some information about NETS (Newborn & paediatric Emergency Transport Service) and what they do. It would be wonderful if you could help by supporting the service that saved my little boy Jarvis' life and continues to save children everyday. Every cent of profit goes straight to NETS (except printing costs) and the calendars would make lovely Christmas presents for family and friends. You can have up to 5 calendars included in a single REGULAR post pack.

Tara Chiu
Seasons in Art Photography

What is NETS?

 NETS the 'Newborn & paediatric Emergency Transport Service' is a very unique organisation, one which 
operates within NSW and the ACT on a 'twenty four seven' basis. The service provides expert clinical 
advice, clinical co-ordination, stabilisation, and emergency treatment for very sick babies and children up 
to the age of 16 years. NETS provides peace of mind and special support for parents and family members 
during times of despondency and disbelief. The service takes mobile intensive care to critically ill babies 
and children. 'NETS is a Hospital with no Walls'. 

The NETS Kids 2012 Calendar is aimed at raising funds for NETS to help maintain and replace the vital 
equipment the service uses on a daily basis. 

The Calendar is the brain child of parent and 'Seasons in Art' Photographer, Tara Chiu, whose own son was 
transported by NETS in 2008 after a near fatal fall. To show her appreciation, Tara created the NETS KIDS 
2011 Calendar, which featured photographs of 13 NETS patients along with a short paragraph of the child's 
experience with NETS. The calendar was a huge success, so Tara has now created a 2012 calendar. 

This year the NETS calendar highlights the work of NETS and the impact the service has on the families of 
the babies and children that are treated, stabilised and transferred by NETS. The Calendar contains the 
NETS patients' photographed in the role of NETS Staff. The photo on the top and the calendar month on 
the bottom with a short paragraph of the child's experience with NETS and subsequent recovery. 
The calendar is available on the NETS website at  www.nets.org.au 

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'll forever be grateful to NETS. They saved our little Jedi.

Alisa x 

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