Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rainy days

Well, hasn't the weather been something? I've had to close the shop this weekend as our driveway resembles a creek. Rylstone hasn't been hit too hard however all the roads leading to and from our little town have been closed.  I must admit that I'm enjoying having a quiet weekend at home. The girls are running around in dress-ups playing mummies, ponies and dancing school, whilst I've been re-arranging things around the house and catching up on my laundry. The sun has decided to make a brief appearance which is most welcome :)

Last night we lit the fire in the lounge room and I sat with a glass of red and a book on Sidney Nolan that my mum lent to me. Haidee was in and out of the room to watch the fire burning as Amelia sat down with container of buttons that Aunty Mary sent up to us (oh how I love that woman). We had Geppetto thundering down the hallway with a pair of socks in his mouth, Obi being a big sooky-la-la wanting cuddles with Hayden, yummy curried stew for tea, hot showers and an early night for all. A very relaxed  evening at home, something we've been lacking of late.

Today will be spent doing much of the same, I have alot of sorting to do as things are piling up around the house. We're starting to put stuff aside to make room for our impending renovations. I'm absolutely dreading the whole thing however it must be done. Our bathroom is falling apart and our kitchen is hardly functional. I'm sure that once we get started things will fall into place. I just hate the preparation phase and finding room for everything. We'll get there though :)

Enjoy your Sunday folks,

Alisa x


Katie said...

Di-vine!!! Sounds like a lovely weekend! xx

Mama of 2 boys said...

I love the way you describe your evening Alisa, sounds so inviting. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend... despite the shocking weather conditions we've all been experiencing of late. It's nice to find an upside to the dreariness. Lovely photos too, so sweet xoxo