Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bizzy birds!

Hi everyone, again i need to apologise for my lack of posts. It's hard to show you all that i've been up to without owning a camera!
The last few weeks have been super busy. We've had lots of friends coming to stay with us (which has been really lovely) and I'm working any spare moment i can get. The Bowerbird Exhibition was a huge success for me with lots of sales. I'm still waiting on some photos to share. I created a bowerbird nest that was decorated with blue jewellery items. I looked a sight collecting grass from my neighbours paddock specifically for the nest. I think the horses enjoyed seeing me stumble with armfulls of dry weeds! It was quite hard trying to manage it all but i got there in the end and it looked lovely. I'm in awe of how the birds do it!
Speaking of birds......I'm working on some new individual tweets. The last big market I did I had alot of enquiries about making single ones (I usually make 3 to hang from my "Tweety Twigs"). I'm using various fabrics and embellishments that i have collected over the years. I'm really pleased with them. I'm working towards having lots and lots of new goodies for The Stitches And Craft Show in August. So if you don't hear from me it's because I'm busily sewing, painting beading etc.
Until next time xxx

P.S apologies for the photos, they're awful! I really do need to get a camera!  

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Belinda said...

Your work is so beautiful and your tables always look amazing. I'm sure you will be a huge hit at the show. Looking forward to catching up with you then.