Sunday, August 2, 2009


....For the Stitches And Craft Show. I've had a hard time trying to focus on what needs to be done. I'm also very unsure of myself. I find the best way to cope with these matters is to just work at a comfortable pace and what gets done gets done. I'm working on new pieces of jewellery, single "tweets' on a perch (and my tweety twigs) , Nursing Necklaces and I may bring along some of my paintings. I'm not sure yet. The tweets have been rather time consuming. I need to change the legs on a few of them. The first one i made (in the photo) has wire legs that have been wrapped in ribbon. They're a little too chunky me thinks.......more like dinosaur claws! I think i'll just stick to plain wire.

I'm also working on new ways to display my earrings. Since moving i have discovered that my local Vinnies and Anglicare store are a treasure trove of vintage goods (books especially). The local tip is amazing too, I bought an entire 10 volume set of "The Children's Encyclopedia" for $2. Love it!
Anyhow, i've collected some hard back books that i am carving into as little displays to hang my jewellery in. I'm a bit messy at it (nowhere near as talented as Su Blackwell) but I'm finding it lots of fun. I'm very selective about which books i use, i find that i can't cut into certain books. I don't know why. I'm using old stamps, alarm clocks, maps, fruit stickers and other weird and wonderful things that i can salvage for the backgrounds.

You can see details of the show here 

P.S apologies again for the quality of the photos, no camera yet :)

See you there! xxx

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