Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's coming off! (My hair that is)

Pink ribbon.png
My town is having a huge celebration this month for Breast Cancer awareness. Bras are strung up across the main street and everyone has decorated their houses in an effort to "paint the town pink". Hair has been dyed and everyone is wearing and women!

The girls have had alot of fun with streamers, balloons, doilies and glitter. It's been lovely getting involved. And now for the big news....I'm to have all my locks shaved off! Yes thats right...It's all coming off this Sunday folks. I'm going to donate my hair to the local Barber (herself in remission from Breast Cancer) for her to make into a wig. I've raised quite a bit and have been humbled by peoples generosity. "The Big Shave Off" will take place on the 11th of October at The Globe Hotel at 2pm, Louee Street, Rylstone. If you are wanting to contribute please let me know. I'm very excited. It feels wonderful to be able to do this for such a great cause.

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Kate said...

That is wonderful! We have this as anannual event here too. Such a good way to raise money. I'm sure you will look gorgeous sans hair!