Friday, October 16, 2009

What I've been up to

I've been flat out the last few weeks. I had to travel down to Sydney for a family reunion with the two girls in tow (joy) My cold that i ignored turned into a raging sinus infection that i am still recovering from. The man has been doing shift work so I've hardly had any time with him and my house is a shambles because i'm preparing for Mathildas Market in November so stuff is everywhere! The headshave has taken up a lot of my time too. I managed to do a small painting today but i'm not happy with it as i couldn't concentrate on what i was doing. I would have got more done had Haidee not painted over my other canvas...Oh well, what can i say? She's 2!

I still have to share with you the fabulous ladies that were at The Stitches And Craft Show back in August but I have to put it off as I'm trying to gather together all my donations for the head shave (sorry!). It was a great day however the weather was bad so it had to be done inside and the crowd wasn't as big as last years. I've done pretty well with donations and am now getting used to my new look. I must say it feels fantastic! My hair was down past my shoulders and i donated it to the local barber Justine (who is in remission from Breast Cancer) to make into a wig. It felt really good to be able to do my little bit.

So here is a photo of me after the shave. Sinead O'Conner eat your heart out!!

Oh and I found a home for Chai too....My in-laws! xxx

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popple said...

Hi you look great and I am coming to the markets unless something goes wrong, looking forward to seeing you:)