Thursday, February 25, 2010

My fruit sticker garden

Well hello everyone! I've been away on a lovely trip interstate and have spent the last couple of days trying to catch up with the blogger world. I was reading Anna's post from Lona de Anna about what your decorating style says about you. I found it very interesting. My style has always been a little on the quirky side. I love the juxtaposition of found and/or recycled objects within a traditional space. An example of this is my kitchen. A lovely space with an apple green table, old coloured wooden chairs, mix match cabinets that are impossibly high, a TINY sink, a standard stove with a cooktop that works and an oven that won't and my favourite (especially in winter) a 1940's wooden stove in the old fireplace (that gets used alot considering the other one is busted). When we moved into this house i HATED the kitchen. Now I love it! I think that all it's differences is what makes it cosy. We will of course have to re-do it one day but in the mean time it's serving it's purpose.
For a bit of fun with the girls I started to grow a pretend garden by adding fruit stickers to the cabinets one by one. For the petals i usually get some of their paintings and cut them out to suit. The girls LOVE this idea and our little garden is growing everyday. I love the effect of the fruit stickers themselves.
This brings me back to Anna's post. I know that my decorating style is very strange. I've been thinking about the motivation behind why i do the things I do. All i can decipher is that it makes us happy. I loved the look on the girls faces when i first showed them the rainbow that i painted in the archway of the hall, and the puzzled look on hubbys face when i hung birdcages from the ceiling.

My house expresses my family and they are my true inspiration.

Alisa x


Anna said...

Brilliant...which only confirms my last line of that post...that your home should be the place where you are happiest...reflects your soul..and says..This is me! x

Tina said...

I love your post and that your home reflects you!! That is what a home should do, I think ~ totally agree with Anna:) You are both incredibly wise and incredibly stylish ladies - yay to you both:) I love your little flowers on your cupboard doors by the way:) ~ Tina x

Amanda said...

Great post and love the fruit sticker garden. It's so important that the space where you live makes you happy.