Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First visit from the tooth fairy

Well this week has been very exciting in our household with Amelias first wobbly tooth. She set to work on sewing her own tooth pillow and did a lovely job. We explained to her that when her tooth falls out, we place it in the pocket of her pillow for collection and in return the tooth fairy will leave her some money. But Alas, the tooth was swallowed in the midst of inhaling a banana! Not to worry, she made the tooth fairy some necklaces as compensation! How sweet!

Now i don't know about you but I find the whole "tooth fairy" thing rather creepy. I always used to think..... What kind of decrepit fairy sneaks into a house at night and pays children pittance to collect teeth? It's all a bit erky perky!!

Anyways, the tooth fairy delivered much to my little girls delight. She received 20 cents per necklace (some are missing from the pic) which came to the grand total of $2. She generously gave Haidee 20cents of it which left her with enough money to buy 2 killer python lollies.

She was very happy.

And so begins the tooth fairy years. What joy :)

Alisa x

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Sarah B said...

I can't believe it! I monumental occasion and the tooth is swallowed! Oh well, there'll be many more to come :)

Tamarah said...

Oh Alisa how GORGEOUS....hahahaha....I can't believe she swallowed it though....Jeez....I think I got 20cents for my teeth back in the day....I wonder if it's the SAME tooth fairy that used to visit me.... :o) !!

LOVE the little pillow idea & the necklace substitutes....VERY SWEET....!!!

Tamarah :o)

Anna said...

Naaaaw that is the cutest post ever ...Hope all is well lovely xo

Exquisite Accessories said...

Hee my son has just lost one of his front teeth I'm the same its terrible really we say about the tooth fairys arriving, especially when they find out we have told a big fat lie :(( My daughter was disapointed it wasnt true when she found out she had all these magical idears on how they looked. Mind you she has forgiven me & said she enjoyed the magic of it & isnt seeking therapy, thank goodness hee.