Thursday, June 16, 2011

Painting and why I should never use childrens paint.

I'm such a twit. I felt the urge to finish a painting I've been working on. It was Monday, a public holiday. I decided I wanted to use black so I took it out and it was all gluggy and gross. 

What to do?

Out of desperation to fulfill my creative needs,  I used some of Amelia's paint.....childrens paint. You see, for me to get new paint I would've had to wait a day to travel either to Mudgee or Bathurst. Both long drives.

I finished and felt at peace with what I had done. I let it dry whilst I ate my lunch and had a cuppa. I then went to varnish it only to have most of the black erased  :(

I felt like such a goose, I should have known better but alas I had a major brain fart. It's so frustrating when things like this happen however I look at it as a lesson in patience. Instead of waiting one day to go into town I tried the "quick fix" and it bit me in the bum.

Above is what it did look like. It's not all wiped off. I think I'll go over what I can and leave it unvarnished. It's still pretty but I can't sell it.

I think I'll hang it in my hallway as a daily reminder not to rush. Things will sometimes go wrong but it's not the end of the world. Just pick up and start again :)

Alisa x


Anna White said...

Alisa..your new Etsy artwork pieces are just gorgeous...and I would have done the same...when your in the zone..your in the zone..there is no such thing as it had would have been super chuffed with yourself...and you still should be..they are terrific x

sandra said...

Give me a shout out next time you run out. I have a huge supply of archival quaility paints and mediums that aren't likely to get used up any time soon! Happy to share when you need some, I know how frustrating it is to have to travel 100km just for a tub of paint!

Sarah B said...

How frustrating! I do love the colours you have used, it's a fab painting! X