Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Spring inspired jewels

The weather here has been so beautiful of late. Spring has brought new inspiration for a few new pieces. I'm loving wooden beads mixed with gem beads, ceramic beads and vintage lace. Some of these beads I've had for yonks, given to me by friends or sourced at various garage sales. However some are brand spanking new, like the beautiful round patterned wooden beads in both necklaces. I'm a sucker for love hearts!

I've been waiting to use this carved jade piece for a few months now. It's quite large with a diameter of 5cm but I think it works well within the necklace.  The diamonte circle was a buckle, sourced from a garage sale, along with a broken necklace of hexagon shaped cinnabar beads. I've featured a couple of them in these earrings..... 

I'm on a bit of a roll and  whilst I love this renewed energy, my house is suffering terribly for it! I need to work on my time management so that other things get know, things like grocery shopping, washing clothes AND hanging them out, doing dishes, changing sheets, vacuuming.....all that jazz :)

I'll get there one day.

I hope you all have a lovely afternoon. I'll be spending mine gobbling on fresh mangos...Yummo bummo!

Alisa x


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh i love the mix of wood, beads, plain & painted, just gorgeous, love Posie

Margaret said...

These are all so beautiful Alisa. And, I think, a much better use of your time than silly old housework!