Monday, January 23, 2012

Gotta love photo booth.

So I'm sitting at my kitchen table after just making myself a cuppa. I've got the computer on and I'm looking forward to catching up on my blogs. All is well until Miss Haidee comes in, grabs a can of condensed milk and asks if I could open it for her pronto....... Ah no, it ain't happening. 
I can see that this is going to turn into a Veruca Salt type melt down so I quickly put on photo booth and start playing with it. You can't see her in the first shot. She was sulking near the water stand. It didn't last long though....

A little giggle then she hops up.

There are so many more however I need not bore you with them all. My girls just love photo booth and laugh at mummy looking "swirly" or "boxy".

I tell her to grab an apple and go build me a *gianificent castle out of lego. So off she toddles to the playroom. 

Phew, crises averted. Now back to my (now cold) tea. Cheers!

Alisa x

Gianificent is a word that one of Amelia's friends made up. I think it's super.


☞ Monique said...

We love photo booth too. We took crazy pics of all 29 of us at Christmas and made placemats for everyone. Dorky I know but it was hours of fun. They will be used every Christmas now. Thanks for sharing your crazy pics too.

Amanda said...

What fun! I'm a condensed milk lover too so understand your little Miss's desire :) You both have the same pretty eyes :)

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh you're gorgeous Alisa and your little lady is too! Amazing how kids can turn your quiet moments upside down :o) xo

Sarah B said...

I think I'd throw a tanty if I couldn't get the condensed milk open. Yum! Great pics, the last one is a great one of you. So cute! X