Saturday, January 28, 2012

In the studio and other shenanigans

Well, today I've been mighty busy. The best thing about having my own shop is having to "man" it. This gives me time to work on new projects. Here is a snippet of what I've been up to....

Lots of Dolly pics. I'm starting to think that my love for her is bordering on "weird".

Man, you should see what I've done with this. Pics soon I promise. It's looking divine!

Playing with paint and teabags :)

I've finally cracked open the oils. Haven't used this medium in yonkers. The smell is intoxicating!

On a sadder note, Miss Charlene has been a bit crook. Infact she's looking a wee bit more like Madge in her last scene, bless her. This morning was spent drenching both the sheep and giving Charlene a penicillin shot.
Note to self: DO NOT dolly up before attempting this endeavor. It will only end with your toosh in a pile of sheep excrement and a broken nail.

LEASON LEARNED.......I'm such a city chick.

Alisa x


Sarah B said...

Gosh, doesn't Dolly look beautiful in that black and white photo? Your artworks look great, especially the patterns in the tea dyed one.
I hope Charlene is ok! Poor girl :(

Mama of 2 boys said...

Well you're a super talented, uber creative city chick... who I personally think is pretty darn cool to even know how to look after a sheep :o) Beautiful works you have there, look forward to seeing the progress with the lacy looking one. Hope Charlene gets better real soon xo

Jo Murray said...

You are a girl of many talents... and some you are still coming to grips with obviously. The creative ones are self-evident tho'.