Monday, November 23, 2009


Fires burn trees in the Rylstone Kandos area

Yesterday I left my home not knowing for sure whether I would be coming back to it. I've often thought in the past of the things that i would take with me if ever i found myself in this position...My family of course is the first and most important but what about other things? I have accumulated quite a collection of lovely things over the years. I always thought that i would be madly packing them....trying to take them along with me so i don't lose it all. Clothes, photos, jewellery, paintings etc that all mean alot to me. But you know what? When it came down to it I found that I didn't really want any of it, even though I had the time and space to pack them. No....all i took with me (apart from the necessites) were the girls baby quilts that my M-I-L made, my wedding veil and my Aunty Caths rosary beads. Thats it.

I spent last night thinking about how i would feel if i lost it all. Would i regret not packing things having had the opportunity to do so? The answer is no...I wouldn't. I'm glad that i didn't pack them. It made me see how far I have come in trying to simplify my life and appreciate what truly family.

I have now been able to come back home safe and well. The weather change overnight downgraded the threat however the fire is still out of control. There are some areas where friends of mine are not able to come home yet so they are in my prayers. At least they are safe away from it all.

I'm truly thankful that my house is o.k but I'm even happier knowing that home is with my family....whether we have a house or not.

I'm sorry if this post is a bit higglety-pigglety. I'm not very good at explaining my feelings in words. It's been a long night and I haven't slept. I had to share the bed with two frightened little girls who thrash around when they're sleeping but I wouldn't of had it any other way! They were safe and snuggled with mummy :)

Now I'm off to make a cuppa and start making cellophane windows with the girls to keep their mind off the fire.

Thanks for reading x

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popple said...

I am so happy you are OK. The fire's can be a scary thing and so unrelenting. What you say is true we hold on to things that have finacial benifit and don't really mean alot. Family is always there and I will pray that the fire's stay away. Lots of love from Hobartville