Saturday, November 14, 2009

Vintage finds

I've had alot of inquiries as to where i find things that i use for displays etc. So I've decided to do the odd blog about some of my finds. As you may have gathered I live in a small country town called Rylstone NSW. It is close to another small town called Kandos which has the best Vinnies I've ever been to! Here are some pics of my finds this week... 2 biscuit trays for $I.50, A set of glasses and their holder for $3.00 and a black and white retro tea set ( it came with 4 cups and saucers) that i got for $2.00. So all up it cost me $6.50 for these treasures. It always helps to go in on a Monday or Wednesday when Mavis is working. She is a true blue character with a heart of gold!
Since moving to the country I've discovered lots of little gems. I'll make sure to continue showing you my finds. xxx

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Kellie Collis said...

Gorgeous cake stands! x