Monday, November 9, 2009

My beautiful bunting

I just thought that I'd quickly let you know about the bunting that i had hanging from my table at Street Feast. It was made by the lovely Belinda at Tuttifruiti. I love her work. I have a little Babushka doll that i purchased from her a while back and when i saw that she was making this bunting i had to have some! I love how they hang like petals, and the colours she uses tie in so well together. I haven't worked out where I'm going to hang it yet. I'm trying different spots. For now its over the spare bed in the office (a rusty old spring bed that was here when we moved in...I love it!) The girls seem to like it better in there. They want a pink one for they're bedroom so I'm sure I'll be getting some more soon (It's all pink with my two!).


Anonymous said...

Your girls are beautiful, and so is the bunting!!

Belinda said...

It looks so pretty!

Email me I need to get your address to return your dolls

I hope your keeping cool out there Bxx