Saturday, January 16, 2010

At a loss :(

Sad : picture of worried dummy sitting with copy space Stock Photo

Tonight i found out that i have been knocked back yet again for a Market. I usually shrug it off and try to keep positive but this time it hurts. I sometimes wonder whether I should just pack it all in. I've had my label for nearly 10 years now. It was quite successful in the beginning however after having the girls I just couldn't do it all so I stopped. Now I am trying to re-establish myself and it's HARD. The handmade market is enormous now. And I'm such a little fish.

What to do :(


Megan said...

I know how you feel! Im just starting out too, my current advice: network, network, network! <3 Goodluck!


Miss Rosie said...

Alisa, you must be so frustrated. Your work is amazingly beautiful, and I still love my necklace all these years later. Obviously the markets don't know what a talent they are missing out on.

I hope you get a market you want soon.

popple said...

What?!?! Are they stupid!!!

Thea said...

Megan's right.. networking is the best thing you can do and that includes the blogging community. You can't take rejection personally as it is a fact of business. Shops and market coordinators may reject you for many reasons like maybe they already have similar products? If it makes you feel any better, I was rejected for the Finders Keepers Market in Brisbane. It's not fun but you move on until you find the right venue and outlets.
PS Thanks for visiting my blog.

missy_minzy said...

There's a saying a door shut another opens.
So heads up and keep positive! I reckon this 'industry' is not an easy field to break in. Just have to keep going and moving on.

I am starting out my own too. Your love ones are supporting you. Just keep on doing what you do the best!


Mon Alisa Design said...

Thankyou everyone. I'm alright now. I realise that everything happens for a reason and I believe that this is a sign that I'm not supposed to do the big markets anymore. Realistically I have two little girls to raise and I live 3 hours out of Sydney. We have grand plans of converting the old shed and stable to a studio and showroom. In the meantime I'm thinking I should stick to the local markets at Mudgee and perhaps find some shops to stock my wares. We'll see!

Thanks again, I love all your blogs and you all inspire me so much! xxx