Saturday, January 30, 2010

Case Closed!

I stayed up late last night. I had every intention to go to bed early too. After the girls were tucked into bed Hubby put the cricket on and I sat down to sew. I was kindly offered a cup of coffee and against my instincts I said yes (I'm a tea girl). Well, i was up for hours!

When i finally decided to toddle off to bed I could hear some noises. I took a look out my front door and here it was........

I've been wondering what was happening to my nectarines out the front! The parrots have taken most of my orchard's fruit out the back but the tree out the front has been untouched until a few nights ago. The photos are awful I know. I'm blaming the screen door (and my haziness).

Can i also just mention what a grubby eater it was? Slurping, sucking, burping (yes it did) and at the end of it's meal the seed was just thrown on the verandah floor! No manners at all! I had a look this morning at the aftermath and it's not pretty. Possum poop everywhere!

I suspect it's a member of the possum family that's residing in my studio roof. They come out every night and scamper across the tin roof. They're very noisy and they drive Obi up the wall but I can't help but love them. I'm a sucker for anything cute and fluffy.

I hope you all have a nice weekend......I'm off to clean up after my little fiend *ahem* I mean friend!

Alisa x


Tina said...

Oh I know that sound on the tin roof only too well!! As long as it is a possum and not a rodent, I am ok with it;) Have a lovely weekend - Tina x

Exquisite Accessories said...

Oh the little tinker, at least you found the culprit!! hope you get a better night's sleep I am the same has to be tea at bed time!! Elaine :)

Kellie Collis said...

We had one in our roof recently too. I agree its annoying but they are adorable! x

About Mathilda's Market said...

Hi Alisa
we've had them in our house too (who doesn't?!) and that good thing about the renovation is that they've had to move. Our neighbour probably got them, he had one come down through the chimney into the living room. How scary for both!