Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My finished earring stand

With binder stuck to my hands and some burns from the hot glue gun, I've finished my earring stand. I enjoy making these little houses. This one features scrap papers from a book carving, old Polish, Czech and english stamps, vintage gold trims, faux moss, tea bags, wire and scrapbooking paper. Normally my houses are more colourful and childlike, incorporating vintage illustrations, ribbon bows and butterflies. However this one will be used for my jewellery so in a way i had to make it a little more "grown up" (this can be quite hard for me to do!)

I hope everyone is keeping cool with this heatwave. We've been spending our days at the local pool for the girls swimming lessons. It's such a nice place! It's simple with a kids pool and a 50m pool. There is grass areas all around shaded by the thickest trees so there is plenty of room to sit and have a picnic (we had chicken and mayo sangas today and LOTS of watermelon). I'm not a fan of hot days. I'm a winter girl at heart (well....Autumn anyways).

Take care all

Alisa x

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Megan said...

That is adorable, I should make something like that for myself haha, I keep my jewelry in a little trinket bowl I bought in mexico! Also, jealous of your heat wave! Wish it would warm up here!