Thursday, January 20, 2011

My kitchen featured on "You Will Always Find Me"

Liz from "Lino Forest" has started a wonderful new blog called "You Will Always Find Me". It gives us all an insight into some fellow bloggers kitchens, the "hub" of many houses. I just love having a sneak peek into other peoples houses and seeing how they decorate their spaces. Today my kitchen is featured on her blog.

Now I'm the first to admit that my kitchen is "different" but that is what makes it special to our little family. I just love my wood fire oven, especially in winter. It cooks the best scones and the yummiest roasts! I don't use it much in summer. It gets too hot! I'm lucky enough to have an electric oven aswell. 

The funny thing is that things have been changed around since taking these pics. We have re-arranged a little and hubby is currently in the midst of knocking up a new dining table out of our VERY old fence posts and the floorboards that once graced the original laundry. I can hear him in his shed with his power tools. Bless :)

So go and have a looksee. Perhaps you might want to share pictures of your kitchen? I know I would LOVE to see them!

Take care,

Alisa x

P.S. Incidentally we recently saw some old fence posts in Harvey Norman as sculptures selling for $450-$500 each! And we have several of them, well, we did before H used them as table legs! It amazes me how much some things are! 


Sarah B said...

you kitchen is so lovely - it deserves to be featured! My great aunt had one of those stoves - I absolutely loved sitting in her kitchen with that fire going. It was nice for warming socks!

Tina said...

Alisa, your kitchen is one of my favourite kitchens ever!! I love just resonates family and coziness, two things I hold so dear! My hubby made our kitchen / dining table from a vintage school desk we found in the shed after we moved in, it is my fave possession! Yours will be so special, hope you will show us a pic. Hugs, lovely ~ Txx

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh i think it's gorgeous, colourful & a piece of you. I have the world's most boring (practical but not made for our large family) kitchen in a newish Army house, which just screams 'rental' in safe earthy tones. We're building, it will be fabulous, ahhhh. Thanks for the sneak peek, love Posie

Miss Rosie said...

I love you Kitchen, your house looks amazing, I was so jealous of how beautiful our other house looked too. H is just fantastic. Any chance he can he can give Jamie a lesson on how build useful things? Jamie got a beautiful cupboard then ripped the door off for the chooks to lay eggs in.

handmade romance said...

lovely! i cant wait to have a proper kitchen with room for a table etc - we live in a small apartment : (
your mix-matched chairs are super cute, not to mention the old style stove/oven!