Sunday, January 30, 2011

Picnic in the garden

Well it was a lovely day today wasn't it? We took advantage of the weather and decided to have ourselves a little picnic. I love doing this with the girls and part of me regrets not doing it more. You see, my little Amelia starts school tomorrow. Big school. So I really treasured this time today.

Please note that Haidee's shirt is back to front, a new look that I thought went out with Kris Kross but she's rockin it :)

I LOVE this piccie....Obi mid yawn and Haidee getting set to pull Amelia down!

I love my babies.

Alisa x


Simone said...

Looks like a gorgeous day! Such beautiful girls and Haidee is a mini you! xx

Anna White said...

Oh My Goodness...I want to squish them both...How adorable are they!!! Simone is right..Haidee is a mini you ..looks like you girls had a wonderful day. xx

Tina said...

Such gorgeous pics Alisa! Your little blossoms are such sweeties! I also wanted to thank you for the little pic you left on my feedback...I was beyond thrilled ~ thank you ~ xx

Cherie said...

Darling they're gorgeous ... looks like your Sunday was as blissful as mine! Hope your week stays that way too. xo.

handmade romance said...

your girls are adorable! looks like it was the perfect day for a picnic too : )