Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Done! well, almost.

I now have to sort through all the crap that was covering my desk (which is now covering the playroom floor). That will take FOREVER. I wish I wasn't so messy. I always vow to keep it tidy and organized but sure enough it becomes chaotic again. At least I have an outdoor studio space that I use for storage. Otherwise It would be completely out of control!
I wonder why it is that some people are so organized and others aren't? I think my problem is that I can't find any good storage solutions for my things and that I'm not disciplined enough to keep things tidy. Would any of you have any suggestions? I see how lovely other peoples workspaces are and I long for them. What do you do? Is it really as simple as putting things away once you use them?
I feel like such a hypocrite. Here I am trying to teach my girls responsibility by cleaning up after themselves while I'm just as bad. If not worse!
I just have to do it don't I? It's time to pull my socks up and get organized. If not for myself then for my family, who are so wonderful to put up with me and my loopy ways.

Heres to a fresh start!

Alisa x


Tina said...

Your workspace looks gorgeous Alisa! I love all the colours you have used! As for tidy - I make Fridays my cleaning day...I used to try to keep the house perfect all the time, but let me tell you - nearly killed me, is not worth it and as long as I have it all done by dinnertime on a Friday we are all happy:)~ Tina x

Sarah B said...

Your workspace looks great -really inspiring. I have been working on my studio workspace today. I am building a big wall of cupboards and shelves which will store all my books and materials. I can't wait to unpack everything! I just hope it's big enough. I will post an update soon but here's an earlier post...
I've got to say, I love all the bits and pieces in your space :)

Anna said...

What a fanastic workspace Alisa...so inspirational...and so very YOU! Love it!!!