Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What I got up to this afternoon

This bookcase was sitting in the shed when we moved up. It had no backing, was wonky and filled with rusty old paint tins. It was also home to ALOT of daddy long legs spiders. So of course I though it'd look fabulous inside he he!

Today I did a bit of display work of some of our family treasures. We've hung an old printers draw up as a little display cabinet for items the girls find (these include feathers, a toy lamb, some of my bits and bobs and lots of pebbles). They love having somewhere to put their little discoveries! They also love helping me pick flowers from the yard to put in little jars around the house. Haidee helped me today. The crystal lamp was my paternal Grandmothers. One of two things left to me.

I was lucky enough to discover an entire collection of Arthur Mees Childrens Encyclopedias at the local tip that I bought for $2.00. I can't figure out for the life of me why someone would turf them out. I guess it's a case of one persons trash is another ones treasure. And a treasure it is. There are 10 volumes filled with the most delightful illustrations and colour plates. Some of the pages house pressed flowers and leaves that I imagine a child put there years ago to cherish a certain memory. I love flicking through these books and have spent hours soaking up all the knowledge they exude. Just so lovely!

The Gypsy doll was made by Sophie Buttner. An artist who made things for a Gallery I worked in years ago. The book sculpture was made by local lady who spends hours folding pages of books to create different shapes. I have another one mounted on my lounge room wall. The little camels were brought back to Australia by my husbands Grandfather as a souvenir from fighting in Tobruk in WW2. They're sitting on a vintage copy of "The Last September" by Elizabeth Bowen (I loved the pattern on the inside).

I've always had a love of old books. I love reading from them. they give me a sense of nostalgia. They also look lovely on a bookshelf.

So, that's what I did this afternoon. What did you do this fine Autumn day?

Alisa x


Tina said...

Your bookshelves and little wall cabinet are GORGEOUS Alisa!! I love all of your little treasures and how special to have your grandmother's crystal lamp! It all looks so wonderful, you have such a gorgeous home! I love that your girls love to help you pick flowers, they sound so sweet:) My afternoon - in between school pick up (2 different schools) then violin lesson drop off and pickup, and trying to even start a maths assignment, I have been toasting my toes near our fire :) Thanks for sharing more of your gorgeous home Alisa ~ XX

Anna said...

What a productive little day you have had..and so many gorgeous little treasures to be surrounded by..just precious. x

Amanda said...

Sounds like you've achieved lots today - I really like the little shelving of yours where your girls can display their treasures :)

Kellie Collis said...

I adore that vintage jar!!