Saturday, March 13, 2010

This is how it all began

with the work of Alison Bailey Smith.

I first met Alison when I was 15 through a local boutique called Punch Gallery. I had just finished work experience with the shop and Alison was working there part time. I remember being fascinated with all of her pieces, made from recycled materials including television wires and lollie wrappers.
My mother bought quite a few pieces of her work including 2 amazing hats. One being a smokey blue and copper viking hat and the other an ethereal 1950's style hat made out of knitted thin television wire and adorned with quail feathers (and a matching fan). At the time I never fathomed that jewellery could be fashioned out of such things. Her items truly are wearable art. Every twist, loop and link will take you on a sculptural journey of discovery. I love the concept of creating something beautiful and unique out of thrown away materials that are usually discarded as already serving their purpose.

Flower brooch from rubbish by abscraft
A beautiful flower brooch "grown" from toothpaste tubes and other packaging

abscrown052 by abscraft
One of Alisons crowns

Hat by abscraft
Detail of the "Fisher Queen" hat

Wire hedgerow necklace by Abscraft by abscraft
"Hedgerow" Necklace made from recycled and bought wire

*All images are from 'Abscraft' Flickr and show the beautiful work of Scottish artist Alison Bailey Smith

Soon after getting to know Alison and her work she moved back to her homeland of Scotland and I stayed on to work at Punch Gallery. Before she left she handed me a big pink plastic crate full of television wire and said "see what you can come up with". I made bowls, ornaments and even tried my own crown (I failed miserably). I started to try my hand at brooches and introduced beads into my work. It was through this process that I developed a love for creating jewellery.

One of my wire brooches

I credit Alison for all that I do. She was such an inspiration to me and still is. You MUST have a look at her work. Her blog is called ABSCRAFT and it gives you an insight into Alisons work and her sense of responsibility towards recycling (one that I think we all can learn from).

You will be blown away.

Alisa x


Sarah B said...

Lovely work, including your brooch - very sweet. I will be sure to check out the link as I am quite interested in jewellery made from recycled objects.

Kellie Collis said...

Beautiful work!

Ps Went to Prue Trollope and purchased a stunning cushion and other bits and pieces ... Will post about it during the week xx