Friday, November 5, 2010

The Circus

We were lucky enough to have a little circus visit Rylstone on Thursday night. It was small, simple and lovely. I just loved seeing all the children giggling away at all the shenanigans! It was just one of those nights that I know I'll always treasure.

This was my nose that I bought for MYSELF. We are still debating over who owns it.

Haidee took this photo. I really like it. The tent was small but Haidee thought it was enormous!

We were all pretty tired today although it was worth it. The girls had a blast.

Tomorrow is Street Feast..... Yay!

Take care all,

Alisa x


Sarah B said...

Looks like some lovely memories wee made :)

DesignedByName said...

So sweet! Cute girls!
Nice Blog!
Enjoy your day,

Belinda said...

Your girls are BEAUTIFUL X