Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Older works

It's hard to believe it now but most of my past work was done with white. I loved the freshness of white, It was pure and calm. Looking back now I realize that I was using it as a way to balance the chaotic life I was leading. I used to love experimenting with shade and texture.....lathering on impasto, painting it then sanding back to see what lies beneath. I also incorporated vintage laces, pearls, papers and even butterfly wings.  I still love them. They were all very pretty and adorned my walls in Sydney.

Something happened when I moved out to the country. I became braver in my work and used my new connection to the beautiful landscape as inspiration. I started to explore pattern and found the repetitiveness of it quite cathartic. Things had switched. I was now leading a calm existence. I was happy. My paintings were now loud and colourful. And I loved it.

It's funny how one can look back at their own work and see the journey that has taken place. I wonder what my current phase will lead me to?

Today will be spent making more wreaths and listing goodies for the shop. I have new brooches that are so pretty. Lace and tulle sweetness!

I hope you all  have a lovely day!

Alisa x

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