Monday, November 29, 2010

Mothers love, painting, wreaths and fuschias

It's been busy at our place this week (hence the lack of posts). Thank you everyone for your lovely comments regarding the shop. It's super exciting! We're just finishing the walls today and tonight I'm going to sit and finish off the lampshades. It's all coming together so well. I'm also chuffed that my roses and fuschias are in full bloom. "Mothers Love" is very dear to us as we planted it in memory of someone very special. It flowered for the first time this week and is such a beautiful rose. My love for fuschias began when I was a small child sitting at my mothers piano. The piano has a beautiful fuschia pattern carved into the front. I remember how the carved flowers would inspire my little songs, thus my love for playing the piano was born. As for the wreaths, well..... it's the season!

I trust everyone is having a good day? It's been raining quite heavily here. Bad news for my washing pile!

Alisa x

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Sarah B said...

I was always fascinated by fuschias when I was a hild and loved 'popping' the closed buds :)
The rose is beautiful. Isn't it lovely when they flower fot the first time xx