Monday, September 13, 2010

"H" is for Haidee

Yesterday was my father in laws birthday. I wanted to make him something special and have been playing around with this idea for a while now. You see, our little Haidee is named after his mother...Haidee Patricia Burlington. By all accounts she was an amazing woman who loved her family and lived life to the fullest. I never had the pleasure of meeting her. I would have loved to!

I wanted to show a connection between his mother and his grandaughter so I decided to make a book carving collage for him.

My mother in law Liz provided me with a photo of Haidee holding Rob as a baby. I set this further back into the carved pages, a reference to the past....

I built up layers of corrugated cardboard to bring forward the image (one that my sis took) of our little Haidee, a reference to the future....

I found it hard to hold back on including my paper flowers and leaves (not very "blokey") so instead I embellished with some recycled Australian stamps, alot of them displaying images of animals and plants that frequent my in-laws property. I also traced Robs mothers signature to add a special touch. The H card is part of a set that came with one of my game boards.

It's hard to know what to get someone as a gift, and I must admit I was nervous as to whether he would like it. But thankfully he did :)

Today I think I'll skip library reading for the girls and continue with working on my chokers. I'm having a lot of fun!

Have a lovely Monday!

Alisa x

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