Saturday, September 11, 2010

Loving...Queen Alexandra

Alexandra Caroline Marie Charlotte Louise Julia; 1st December 1844 - 20th November 1925

O.K, so I'm admitting that I'm a wee bit obsessed with the history of Royalty. I have read extensively about all the monarchs of England and Europe however my favourite has to be Alexandra of Denmark. I can't explain why....

There's something about those haunting eyes, The jewels (it is believed she wore high chokers to cover a scar), her love of photography and her devotion to her children. Every time I look at images of her I feel inspired.

I also love her for starting " Rose Day". I have quite a collection of lovely "Rose Day" badges, which in Australia, was run by The United Charity Fund. They look lovely as a focal point in my charm necklaces.

Today I'm thinking of experimenting with making lace chokers, in homage to Alexandra. I'll be sure to post some piccies of my efforts.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend :)

Alisa x

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