Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My dressing table (well, kind of)

When it comes to reading other peoples posts, my favourites are always the ones that allow me to take a peek inside their homes (which is why I love this blog so much). I love seeing how people decorate their spaces differently and I truly believe that it is a reflection of who we are. However I get really excited about dressing tables, you see, I've never had one. I've always had to display my goodies on top of a chest of drawers or inside a cupboard. How I long for one.

Anyways, this morning I tidied up my goodies (part of my spring cleaning craziness). I thought I'd share my way of displaying them.....

I found this old torn canvas in the shed when we moved. It was covered in black dust. My instincts told me to give it a clean and to my delight it revealed a lovely oil landscape painting of cherry blossom trees. I have no idea who painted it but I adore it. As it was torn already I decided to use it to display my hook earrings. I poked tiny holes along the branches of the tree so that my earrings would become part of the picture. It's a wonderful way to display your jewellery and incredibly practical.

Now I must tell you that this is but a smidge of my personal earring collection. I probably have too many but is that ever really the case?

And I just couldn't resist a close up of my favourite lady vase. She takes pride of place up here. I just love these and started my collection when I was 18. They're magical :)

Alisa x

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Anna said... are just the cutest...I bet your little angels love hanging out in mummy's room because of all the wonderful and colourful inspiration it holds. Love very you!! x