Friday, October 15, 2010

Drawing book gems and a thankyou

It's a miserable day outside, raining heavily and blowing a gale. We're spending the time indoors doing drawings, puzzles and making jewellery. I picked up these "How to" drawing books from Vinnies last week. Amelia is horse mad and is forever wanting mummy to do her a special painting. Trouble is I'm absolute rubbish at doing horses!
I'm thinking of pulling apart one of the books and putting some of the illustrations into frames, however it seems a shame to take them apart. They're just so lovely. And well used too.


The white horse is very popular with the girls. I'm constantly being asked for  a white horse!

And now for the thank you part. I was giddy with joy as I opened this gorgeous birdie brooch from Liz at Betty Jo Designs. She sent it to me as a 'thank you' for sending her some cool lino that I had salvaged.

Isn't it gorgeous? Even the card that the brooch was pinned to is funkalicious!!

Thankyou so much Liz! I can't tell you how much this meant to me. I just love it! To see more of Liz's work, head over to her blog Lino Forest. She also has another blog called  Find Make Do which is full of inspiring goodies. You'll love it!

Enjoy the rest of your day :)

Alisa x


popple said...

Hi just thought I would let you know I have a giveaway happening over on my blog you can win a pencil roll full of pencils. Would love if you could blog about it just others find out. Thanks Emma

Sarah B said...

I remember those "how to draw' books. Maybe my nan ha some - I just can't place it. I grew up with ponies and was always getting my Dad to teach me how to draw them. Over the years I have drawn hundreds of horses!
ps very very cute brooch!

Tamarah said...

Hello Alisa....!

Seems the crappy weather gods are visiting both of us....!!

How SWEET is your PRECIOUS little broach....I bet you wear it all weekend.... :o) !!

Your drawing books are GORGEOUS....I think I'd be tempted to pull them apart to frame some as well....!

Have a GREAT weekend....!

Tamarah :o)