Monday, October 25, 2010

Stop the cooking shows already!

Strange post I know but I just had to put this out there. I'm starting to get annoyed by the over saturation of cooking competition TV shows that are on. I'm irritated because I used to enjoy watching the odd cooking show (Antonio Carluccio, Yan Can Cook and Paula Deen were my faves), However now I can't bear to watch anyone with a pot or pan, except this fella of course....

And I'm sorry but Kids Masterchef? Don't get me wrong, from the ads I can see that these children are amazing and I can't really comment on it because I haven't been watching. But it seems like a lot of pressure for a child to undertake. Maybe someone can enlighten me?

Am I the only one who feels this way? Is anyone else getting sick of cooking comps?

Alisa x


Sarah B said...

Hi Alisa, I admit to being hooked on the Junior Masterchef. I wasn't sure what to think but Gary and the team are very supportive and encouraing. The kids apparently have counsellors on board as well. They are so incredibly talented and I ctach myself often wishing I could taste some of the dishes - they look amazing. :)

Amanda said...

I know what you mean about cooking/foodie show popping up everywhere but I am loving it! I'm really into Masterchef (perhaps being a teacher I enjoy seeing how the children accept the challenges etc). The junior version is definitely designed differently to the adult version - the judges are more supportive and there to help.