Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Me apples :)

My favourite Apple tree is in full bloom at the moment. It looks and smells AMAZING! I'm determined to get apples this year. The tree wasn't doing as well last year and the little fruit it did grow was snaffled up by the possums and birds. And now i think of it,  it didn't flower much either. The girls are a bit put out by all this floral splendor because now their favourite climbing tree is buzzing with bees! It's a little bit too intimidating for them.

Hopefully all goes well so that I can use this (my grandmothers)............

To make yummy things like this..........

You can't go wrong with this cookbook, although there are some weird recipes in there....more on that later.

Alisa x

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Sarah B said...

What beautiful blossom - I hope you have more success this year. Mine is also starting to come into bloom - it's so pretty!