Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Bit-bob" Necklaces

Hello all! I'm feeling much cheerier today. The weekend is here and I'm busily cleaning up the house because one of my dearest friends is coming for a visit. I can't wait to see her! I just thought I'd post some piccies of my more recent "bit-bob" necklaces....

I love making these. Some of the feature pieces have been lurking in my collection for years, waiting to be used. I never draw up designs. I just fiddle around and see where the creative journey takes me. The majority of my "bit-bob" necklaces are constructed with recycled  goodies..... be it a broken old necklace, an old clip on earring, buttons, buckles and even old christmas decorations! I usually set these forgotten, thrown away pieces amongst "new" swarovski crystal drops and sometimes the odd charm. Each piece is a one-off which makes them extra special.

Enjoy the weekend folks, I know I will...well, after I clean the bathroom anyway (yuck)

Alisa x

P.S. Don't you just love that Thistle charm? I bought it from Johnno who lives across the road from me. This bloke opens his garage up every 2nd weekend and I can't emphasize enough how wonderful some of his goodies are! I think  I'm his best customer! xxx 

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Tina said...

Your necklaces are so lovely Alisa. I do love that thimble charm!! How fabulous to live across the road for such a neighbour!! Enjoy your weekend and have lots of fun with your friend. Hugs to you lovely lady ~ Txx