Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Feeling Yuck

Bill Oddie

I'm not feeling the best lately. I'm dwelling on things, feeling anxious. Wishing I didn't do this or say that. Worrying what people think. Do you ever have moments like this?

 My skin is gross and to top it off my attempt at rocking a Chrissie Amphlett haircut is failing miserably. Instead I'm looking more like Bill Oddie circa 1973 (minus the beard, although I have noticed a long hair growing from my chin. Eeeeew!)

What a yucky yucky day. Maybe tomorrow will bring something to put a smile back on my dial, heres hoping anyway. I've started work on some new tweets that I plan to continue with tomorrow. The new fabrics are gorgeous! I'm trying to stock up for the Rylstone Street Feast which will be held in a couple of weeks. I'm sharing a stand with this lovely lady. It should be a good day.

I think I'll spend tonight eating copious amounts of chocolate. That always seems to help :)

Goodnight all :)

Alisa x


Sarah B said...

I know what you mean. I'm very good at getting anxious - I stress about everything!
That's funny about your Goodies haircut - I'm sure it's not that bad! Sounds funny how you describe it though (and the chin hair!)
Yep, get straight into that chocolate. I might join you :)

Tina said...

Alisa, honey...I feel like this quite a lot of the time!! One thing that helps me a little bit with my physical yuckiness is just to AVOID all mirrors... and I have become really good friends with a nice cold glass of chardonnay at 5pm on the dot:) Hope your chocolate helped cheer you up. Sending happy hugs your way, lovely lady ~ Txx

popple said...

Hay honey if you ever I mean EVER need to ring and have a good old whinge I'm here don't forget that. Hugs to you all :)

Tamarah said...

Oh Alisa you DUFFER....!

I ALWAYS thought Bill was the CUTEST.... :o) !! I'm SURE you look GORGEOUS....And besides....Who gives a CRAP what other people think....???

I quite agree with Tina....A glass or THREE of Chardy around the dinner hour is rather pleasant....hahahahahaha....!

Sending you big HUGS across the way & a smooch for good measure....!

THANK YOU for your LOVELY comment....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

sandra said...

Oh boy, thanks for reminding me of the deadline....better get cracking!
And you know it could be a LOT worse....at least Bill was the cool one!